Gripping PSA Starring Olivia Wilde Challenges Perceptions of Down Syndrome

The soft, clear voice of Anna Rose Rubright, a 19-year-old student with Down syndrome, narrates this powerful short film, sharing her perception of herself with the world. In “How Do You See Me?”, actress Olivia Wilde plays Anna as she sees herself, “an ordinary person with an important, meaningful, beautiful life.” She portrays Anna living her full life as a “daughter, sister, best friend…someone you can rely on.”

How Do You See Me? Raises Awareness for World Down Syndrome Day 

In the final eye-opening scene, Anna is looking at herself as Olivia in the mirror while telling the viewer, “This is how I see myself.” The camera then pans to Anna for the first time and she asks, “How do you see me?”

The film highlights the striking contrast in perception. Anna views herself as a capable, fun-loving, determined, hopeful individual. But is the rest of the world as aware of her depth and potential, or are they only seeing her condition?

Olivia Wilde Down Syndrome PSA

Created by Satchi and Satchi New York for Italian Down syndrome organization CoorDown, “How Do You See Me?” celebrates World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2016. The campaign has gone viral since it was first posted on March 14, sparking conversation and raising awareness worldwide.

On their Facebook page, CoorDown issued this call to action. “Let's change the way we look at people with Down syndrome, and see them the way they see themselves. Help us spread this message all around the world.  #HowDoYouSeeMe”


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