Complex Rehab Tech is in Jeopardy. Please Pick Up the Phone or Send an Email!

Editor's Note: Thanks to all who participated in the National Call-In Day! Great news, we have another opportunity to reach out with an email. Congress is expected to adjourn in mid-December, which means we still have time to push for passage of H.R. 3730. Targeted discussions with decision-makers are continuing and we know the bill is being discussed on Capitol Hill this week. Now is the perfect time to reach back out to your Representative to reinforce your request that action be taken on the bill. Make your voice heard in support of H.R. 3730!

Folks, this is so important to our community. Please be the political force of nature that you can be and call your congressperson. He or she needs to hear from you so that H.R 3730 can pass and people with highly involved disabilities can get the necessary wheelchair components. Please read this letter from Don Clayback of NCART and make the call!

Call to Action from NCART Executive Director Don Clayback

Call to Action from NCART Executive Director Don Clayback

With elections over, we need to push to get Congress to pass H.R. 3730 before year-end. To help make that happen, we have organized a National CRT Congressional Call-In Day for this Wednesday, November 14. We are asking individuals and organizations to get the word out and participate.
We need to generate thousands of calls to Congress to get them to pass H.R. 3730 (or take other Congressional action) before they adjourn to ensure that people with significant disabilities can get the critical complex rehab manual wheelchair components (pressure relieving cushions, positioning systems, and other specialized items) they need. Passage of H.R. 3730 will stop CMS from inappropriately using Competitive Bidding information to cut Medicare payment rates for these vital products.
We've made the call process as easy as possible by setting up a dedicated event page at Advocates can read the talking points and be connected directly to their Representative's office by entering their information and following the instructions provided. More details are provided in the event flyer that you can download and share.
Together we can make positive changes that protect access to this important equipment for people with disabilities. Thanks very much for your participation in this year-end push!


Don Clayback
Executive Director


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