Push Girl Announces New Education Initiative

By Tiphany Adams, Sundance Channel's Push Girls

I'm so excited to tell you about my new education initiative—the Tiphany Adams Ability Awareness Project!  I'm going to work with students throughout the United States to help them see "ability." I personally believe the words we use are powerful and I want to help students understand the difference between the words "ability" and "disability!"

Tiphany Adams

The project is designed to work with students of any age. I start by talking about my wheelchair and having a spinal cord injury. But the message is much bigger—it's more about each person having their own unique qualities, and helping students learn to embrace and celebrate the diversity around them.

Tiphany Adams

Along the way we talk about all sorts of things, some serious, some fun, to keep students engaged and learning. I will be visiting all types of schools—preschool to college—and we handle these discussions in an age-appropriate way depending on the age of the students. Topics we make sure to cover include:

  • Myths and stereotypes of disability
  • Impacts of drugs and alcohol
  • Addiction
  • Acceptance and Anti-Bullying
  • What it's REALLY like on reality television
  • Entertainment industry
  • Fashion, hair and makeup
  • TV interviews and red carpet events

Each visit includes a general assembly and as many as five classroom or student group visits. Want to know more? You can find out all about the project at my website, TiphanyAdams.com.

Tiphany Adams

Right now I'm raising funds for the first 10 school visits in California this year. I just need 1,000 people to give $10 each! It's the cost of a few cups of coffee and it will change lives! Will you join me on this journey? If you'd like to give, just link to the fundraising page.

If you are unable to give right now that's completely fine. Please don't feel obligated. You can help in amazing ways by sharing this message on your Facebook page, Twitter or in emails to your friends and families. If you know of a school who you think should receive a visit please let them know! The fundraiser benefits California schools, but schools from any place else in the United States can book directly to bring the project to their students. They can request a visit right on my website. Send them this link to get them started.

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