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The Original AFO Assist®

AFO Assist LogoThe Original AFO Assist is an international award-winning ADL (activity of daily living) product used by children and adults to independently put on their ankle foot orthotic (AFO) and shoe. Neurological impairment and limited fine and gross motor control often impact a person's ability to independently perform daily dressing tasks. The Original AFO Assist securely holds the AFO and shoe in an upright and stable position to allow for donning, even if using only one hand! Using The Original AFO Assist can reduce the need for caregiver assistance and will help you step back into life! Made in the USA!

The two components of the Original AFO Assist, the AFO cradle and show platform, allows a person to put their AFOs and shoes on independently.

The blue Original AFO Assist cradle holds the AFO in place as the user independently slips their leg and foot in place.

The blue Original AFO Assist shoe platform holds the shoe securely as someone begins to slip their foot in with their AFO.

Someone has just put on their shoe with the help of this maroon-colored foot funnel.

The blue Original AFO Assist cradle and show platform are displays with a child-sized AFO and sneaker.

See The Original AFO Assist by Home Heart Beats, LLC in Action:

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