ADAPTS Portable Transfer Sling

LogoIt's not something we like to think about, but in the event of an emergency, speed and safety are crucial to a successful evacuation. Office buildings and schools, auditoriums and arenas, theaters and museums, hotels and cruise ships are all vulnerable places when the elevator is inoperative. Stair chairs are impractical, difficult to assemble and expensive.

ADAPTS is the award winning, portable transfer sling designed for emergency transport that can be used every day!

ADAPTS ensures those with mobility impairment are not waiting for rescue in a panic situation to escape down stairwells, narrow aisles or hallways, or from airplanes, around tight corners, into lifeboats or public transport shutdowns. They are used successfully by first responders and EMS where a stretcher can't navigate.

'Tis the Season

Buy two Adapts Passenger Transfer Slings this holiday season and get $25 off with promo code BUY2! We're also offering free shipping to all US customers. Gift cards are available if you would like to give the gift of safety to loved ones. 


ADAPTS Folds into a Tote for Easy PortabilityProduct


Weighing about a pound and measuring 11" x 11" x 3", ADAPTS is flame-retardant and water resistant. There are six handles for two, four, or six to lift. One size fits all from the small to the tall! Factory tested to hold up to 450 pounds with six helpers.


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