We Are All #AbleToLove

By Scott Stone

In 2018, the Abilities Expo celebrated 40 years of shows dedicated to educating and improving the lives of individuals living with disabilities and senior citizens as well as their families, caregivers, healthcare professionals and therapists. For nearly half a century, these shows have provided services and solutions to make day-to-day living a little less challenging for these individuals.

We Are All #AbleToLove

New #AbleToLove Campaign Showcases the Relationships Among the Disability Community

One theme that rings true amongst this community over the many years is the relationships that are formed year after year. Whether interviewing an attendee or an exhibitor, responses are rich with relationships that have been built between families, companies, and attendees alike. While the word "disability" reminds us of how we do things differently, there is one act that remains universal and that is our ability to love. Thus, the #AbleToLove campaign was born. This video series will highlight stories of this community and the strong bonds that are formed at Abilities Expo and beyond.


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