San Mateo

October 26-28, 2018

San Mateo County Event Center, Expo Hall

Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

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Assistive Technology Showcase:
Interact with Tomorrow's Technology Today

Here's what we did in 2017. Stay tuned for 2018!

Please check back three months
before the Expo for the new schedule.

The Abilities Expo AT Showcase, sponsored by Ability Tools, is your chance to explore how assistive technology can help you or your loved ones bridge the gap between ability and disability!

Ability Tools, formerly the AT Network, provides a variety of services for Californians of all ages with disabilities including: AT exchange marketplace, device lending libraries, financial loan program for AT and information & referrals.

Ability Tools

Below are just some of the exciting assistive technology products that you will find at the AT Showcase. Stop by Ability Tools to interact with:

Computer Access

Accessible Tablet

It's IT with a little help from AT! Learn about the alternate methods of operating computers including the latest accessible software, special keyboards, adaptive mice, voice input and more.

Adaptive Computer Devices

  • Flexible Black Rubber Keyboard
  • Big Key Lx Color Qwerty keyboard
  • Ergonomic Kensington Expert Mouse/Kid Trackball Mouse
  • Enlarged Computer Monitor
  • Sip Puff switch
  • Quha Zono Head mouse
  • AirOrbit Mouse

Computers with Accessible Software

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Laptop 1 (Dell CATE)
  • On-screen keyboard Clicker
  • Read & Write Gold
  • TextHelp
  • ZoomText

Tablets and Touchscreen Devices and Accessories

  • iPod Touch w/ educational apps
  • Apple iPad w/ accessible apps
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Standing Mount
  • Table mount

Children's Equipment & Learning Aids

These devices make learning possible for kids with special needs.

Children's Equipment

  • Big Buddy Switch
  • Puppy Dog Toy
  • School Bus Toy
  • LED Activity Tablet
  • Window blocks

Learning Aids

  • Jumbo Calculator
  • Several writing pens/pencil grips
  • Reading Pen

Mobility, Daily Living Aides, Recreation

Whether you are transferring from your car, reading your tablet or playing cards, this equipment makes life a little less challenging.

Daily Living

  • Door Opener
  • Key Chain Grip/turner
  • Reacher/Grabber
  • Liftware Stabilizing Handle for Spoon Attachment
  • Scoop Plate
  • Weighted Cutlery


  • Easy-Grip Short- Handle Garden Tools-
  • Shovel with extra padding
  • Ergonomic Hand Rake
  • Snappy Grip Ergonomic Handles
  • Anti-Vibration Gloves
  • Backsaver Grip Attachment

    Mobility, Seating, and Positioning

  • Folding Adjustable Cane

    Vehicle Accessory

  • Car Transfer Aid

Hearing & Vision

Come and test ingenious devices to better connect you with the world around you.


  • Large Key Amplified Telephone
  • Sonic Alert Alarm Bed Shaker
  • Pocketalker


  • Large Print Playing Cards
  • Aumed Aukey Portable Video Magnifier 
  • Brunton Braille Compass 
  • Talking Thermometer
  • Adjustable Length Telescoping Cane
  • MaxTV Glasses
  • Victor Reader Stream


Communication is key! This equipment ensures that you never have to go another day without letting yourself be heard.

Communication/ Speech Communication

  • VGo
  • UbiDuo Face to Face Communicator
  • IPad with chatwrap and communication apps (Touchchat, GoTalkNow, Proloqup4Text, LAMP, and Predictable)
  • IPad with Otter box and communication apps (Touchchat, GoTalkNow, Proloqup4Text, LAMP, and Predictable)

Come and test drive this technology for yourself!

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