• Adaptive Dancing
    February 23 - 25, 2018
    Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall A
    New Hours: Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

And They Danced!

Here's what we did in 2017. Stay tuned for 2018!

#InfiniteInclusion Dance Performance, Workshop, and Party
Auti Angel's "FreeStyle Dance Workshop"
The Rollettes Los Angeles Presents!
Dance for All Abilities
Wheelchair Social Dancing

#InfiniteInclusion Dance Performance, Workshop, and Party

Infinite Flow

#InfiniteInclusion is the concept that although we are all different … we can unite as one. Join us for a short performance by Infinite Flow's professional dance troupe and Infinite Flow Kids, followed by a short interactive dance workshop and dance jam. Open to all abilities and all ages. Come out and dance! Learn more at www.infiniteflowdance.org.

Auti Angel's "FreeStyle Dance Workshop"

Presented by Auti Angel, Abilities Expo "Dancebassador"

Auti Adaptive Dance Workshop

Dancing has fast become a popular activity for all abilities. Auti Angel, the Abilities Expo "Dancebassador" will share a dance demonstration with attendees. Then it's your turn to try some moves as Auti leads you in her one-of-a-kind workshop. Auti Angel, the pioneer of wheelchair Hip-Hop dancing, has danced with "Straight Outta Compton's" Eazy-E & N.W.A. along with LL Cool J and Ludacris just to name a few. However, she gets no better joy than dancing with others who also have awesome unique abilities. Dancing crosses the boundaries of age, gender, and physical ability; including individuals using both manual and power wheelchairs. You won't want to miss this unique demonstration and a chance to express yourself through movement! Learn more at www.autiangel.net and www.autiangel.com.

The Rollettes Los Angeles Presents!

What do you get when you take seven talented young dancers whose zest for life outpaces any challenges that come their way, including the life-altering events that put them on wheels?


You get the Rollettes. And you can see them in hip-hopping, blood-pumping action at Abilities Expo!

In the tradition of wheelchair dancing troupes like Colours~n~Motion and AXIS Dance Company, the The Rollettes is revolutionizing the world of dance and dispelling antiquated notions of what it is to be a dancer. Their success and rising fame echo the sentiments of wheelchair dancer and Abilities Expo veteran Auti Angel when she says, "Dance is a state of mind and an attitude, not just a physical motion."

Led by Chelsie Hill, co-founder of the The Rollettes and featured character on the Sundance channel's hit docu-series Push Girls, the dancers were initially drawn to each other by their injuries, but continue to flourish and inspire because of their indomitable spirits and love of dance.

Hill's fellow dancers hail from coast to coast. "These are all girls I've met since being injured," said Hill. "These girls have gone through some pretty traumatic things like their injuries, but they have all switched it around to being completely positive. We all love to dance, so we decided to start a team with all seven of us. It's pretty cool."

Taking travel risks

Don't miss your chance to not only watch the The Rollettes tear up the dance floor, but also learn a couple hot, hip-hop moves yourself! The Team is looking forward to meeting you at Abilities Expo!

Storytelling through Dance: How it Benefits Dancers with Disabilities

Presented by: Tam Warner, Choreographer and Dancer and Donna Russo, Dancer and Actress


Dancing and moving to music is a wonderful activity that is inclusive and accessible to all people. Discover how to take dance to another level by using it to tell a story. Everyone has a story and those stories can be told through music and movement - with exciting benefits for the dancers and the audience members. We're so excited to welcome Tam Warner and Donna Russo back to Abilities Expo this year. Many of you will remember their performance from a few years ago, seen in this amazing video. At this year's workshop they'll present several new performances, share the benefits of storytelling through dance, and even give audience members a chance to discover how their own movements can tell a story. Tam and Donna will also talk about their own perspectives as a choreographer and dancer with disabilities. Attendees of all abilities are invited to join us for this uplifting and fulfilling session!

Wheelchair Social Dancing

Wheelchair Dancing

The Wheelchair Dancers Organization introduced adaptive wheelchair dancing at the 2010 Los Angeles Abilities Expo. Since then wheelchair dancing has become very popular throughout the country. This year's performance features a sizzling Salsa, powerful Waltz, high energy Hip Hop dance (starring our youngest dancers), and an extraordinary powerful contemporary dance. Then it is your turn to join us on the dance floor! We have collaborated with Celebrity Fitness Dancer Billy Blanks, Jr., Creator of "Dance It Out," and his San Diego DIO dance team, to choreograph the first all-inclusive fitness dance routine. The fitness dance moves are adaptable to all ages and abilities. See you on the dance floor! To view more adaptive dancing visit us at www.wheelchairdancers.org.



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