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Push Girls: Season 2 Finale and Meet Auti Angel

Presented by The Sundance ChannelPushGirls

Here's what we did in 2013. Stay tuned for 2014!

After twisting plot lines of love, betrayal and drama that have found us riveted to Sundance Channel every Monday night, the season two finale of the stereotype-shattering, critically acclaimed, award-winning unscripted series Push Girls has finally arrived!

Getting what you want out of life isn’t easy—especially while using a wheelchair. This season, Auti found herself embroiled in conflict as her marriage and friendships unraveled. Tiphany fell in love and began a search for her missing sister. Mia confronted emotional demons while she jumped back into dating. Angela shifted her modeling career into high gear and took bold new steps toward independence. Chelsie experienced extreme highs and lows with home life and rehabilitation.

And they all vacationed in Mexico—how fun was that episode??

On Saturday, August 3 at Abilities Expo Houston, attendees will get to see how it all comes together. Will Angela pass her driving test and finally bring herself the independence she has been looking for? After working so hard to put Eric first, will Auti and he be able to rekindle their past flame? When Chelsie is approached by a publisher who wants to write a novel about her life story, will she accept? And is anybody surprised that the girls go pedal to the metal at a high-speed racetrack?

Not only will you see the Push Girls on screen, you’ll get to meet co-star Auti Angel in person! Auti has come a long way from the automobile accident that paralyzed her from the waist down more than two decades ago. A year after the accident, she lost her mother to cancer and suffered severe depression, experiencing things that would later become her tool to mentor others through their own challenges. Throughout her journey, Auti rediscovered her faith, found love and rebuilt her life. She returned to her first passion, working as a professional hip-hop dancer, despite the obstacles she faced using a wheelchair. Along with dancing, Auti has continued to pursue her career in music and acting. This season, we saw the strain in her relationship with her husband and musical partner in crime, Producer/DJ Eric “Stretch Boogie” Rivera. But, always inspiring, we also saw Auti take a hard look at her own past demons, and fight to save her marriage.

For more on Push Girls, winner of the Critics’ Choice Award for best reality series, visit http://www.sundancechannel.com/series/push-girls or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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