• Abilities Expo Houston Event
    August 3 - 5, 2018
    NRG Center, Hall E
    Fri. 11am-5pm | Sat. 11am-5pm | Sun 11am-4pm

Experience the Creativity

Here's what we did in 2017. Stay tuned for 2018!

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The area's most celebrated artists with disabilities will feature an eclectic mix of original, unforgettable artistry. From drawings, paintings and photographs to books, spoons and t-shirts, their amazing works will be available for appreciation and purchase. Artist Market sponsor VSA Texas challenges perceptions of how people contribute by creating an arts-inspired, inclusive community of individuals with diverse abilities. They are an expert resource on inclusive arts – creating and maintaining an accessible and open community where everyone can participate. Their goal is to provide support and training to the public, enhance personal growth, and offer Texans access to the creative work of people with diverse abilities. Learn more at www.vsatx.org.  

Drew Bedo – Large Format Photography

Drew Bedo Photography

Although Visually Impaired or Legally Blind, Houston based visual artist, Drew Bedo creates fine-art photographic images using traditional films in vintage and antique view cameras. In late 2002 became legally blind. One eye has no useful vision; the other has severely degraded vision. Yet, I see. There are some things that I can no longer do at all, and many things that I must now do differently. Photography is one of them.

Eric Clow, Musician – CDs

Eric Clow Musician

Eric Clow is an Austin-based artist torn between a classic rock past and dissonant future. He uses a mixture of humor, sincerity, and slightly off-key vocals to deliver thoughtful personal tunes. His two-volume debut This Was Never Meant To Be Permanent includes songs that have been kicking around in his head for almost a decade and others that have only recently entered his consciousness. Volume 2 is set for release in the near future. You can usually find Eric playing with friends under the name Dude Choir at The Lion and Pirate Unplugged Open Mic or writing songs at home.

Dee Franklin – Mixed Media, Fabled Collages

Dee Franklin Art

Art, prints, and jewelry on the theme of Fabled Abilities. We aren't invisible in art. We are our own "fairy tales" and have happily ever afters.

Megan Fry – Eye Gaze Art

Megan Fry Eye Gaze Art

Hi! My name is Megan Fry. I am wheelchair-bounded and nonverbal. Despite having a
physical disability, my brain is sharp. When I was born, I lost oxygen, which led me to have Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP effects the signal from my brain to my muscles. I am in a wheelchair for the majority of the day, and I use this computer called a Microsoft Surface with an eyegaze to communicate.  There is a camera at the bottom that picks up my retina in my eye, and when I look at a button and blink, it clicks just like a computer mouse.  Since the surface is a regular window base computer, I can talk, text, email, internet, art, work at school, and everything.  I paint on the surface using a software called Art Rage. It has art brushes, pencils, pens, knives, and etc. Art Rage acts just like when you paint on a canvas. 

Ron Hull, Author – Books

Its in the Water by Ron Hull

Meet local author Ron Hull as he presents his five novels, three books of short stories, and one autobiography.

David Sulak – Drawings

David Saluk

Award winning artist David Lynn Sulak has an array of art show ribbons and award plaques that give testimony to the fact that God has given persons with autism special talents. David has the unique ability to study an object briefly and go home and draw it in minute detail from memory.

Kenneth Vantroba – Cuddle Spoons

Kenneth Vantroba Cuddle Spoons

Cuddle Spoons are spoons that are designed for people with disabilities and without disabilities. They are easy to use and fun! They are a gift to share with your special person, to have Fun, be Happy and create your own Priceless Memories with them.

Younique Abilities – Handmade Items

Taking travel risks

We the Team at Younique Abilities believe that anyone with a so-called "disability" has a unique ability and can do many great things with a unique ability you just have to believe in yourself! We sell awareness merchandise some of which is handmade by individuals with unique abilities, please visit our website for more information or to purchase our awareness products which we donate a portion of our sales back to a local deserving nonprofit organization at the end of the year.

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