Musical Chairs Brings Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing into the Limelight

When you go the movies, what’s your pleasure? Action, adventure, romance, comedy? How about a feel-good flick? Or, how about one film that has it all?

Musical Chairs

Set against the exciting backdrop of competitive ballroom dancing, Musical Chairs is about Armando, (E.J. Bonilla) a Bronx-bred Latino who aspires to be a dancer but whose only way in is as handyman at a Manhattan dance studio, and Mia, (Leah Pipes) an Upper East Side princess who is the studio's star performer.

Though worlds apart, their shared passion for dance promises to bring them together until a tragic accident changes Mia's life forever. She finds herself in a wheelchair, with her dreams of a dance career shattered.

Musical Chairs Trailer from Musical Chairs on Vimeo.

At the rehab center where Mia is undergoing therapy, she is joined by a group of colorful misfits who are also trying to deal with life in a wheelchair—among them an angry Iraq war veteran, a pre-op transsexual and an antisocial punk with a chip on her shoulder. That punk is Abilities Expo’s own Dancebassador, Auti Angel!

Musical ChairsFortunately, Armando has enough dreams for both of them and, when he hears about a wheelchair ballroom dance competition that will soon be held in NY, he sees a way to return something to Mia that she thinks is lost forever. At first she is reluctant--wheelchair dancing, though highly popular overseas, is something she never even knew existed. But, with the help of new her friends at the rehab center, Armando organizes an intense training program that will bring them all center stage and in the spotlight. The prize is irrelevant; what they really stand to win back is their zest for life.

Musical Chairs debuted last week in New York and South Florida to rave reviews. Michael Musto of The Voice said, “Deeply romantic. Really warm, expertly done with several lovely twists.” Boxoffice’s Pete Hammond echoed these sentiments, saying, “A terrific film full of life, heart, music and fantastic dancing. A movie that just makes you feel good.” The film will be released in Los Angeles and Chicago on March 30. Click here to find theaters.

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