iLevel from Quantum Rehab Heightens Interactions

Before Kiel Eigen had iLevel, he admits that it was easier to be more dependent on others. While he had a seat elevator installed on his power chair, the time it took him to elevate kept him from fully utilizing the feature. Instead, it was simpler to ask someone to lend him a hand in reaching the stove or grabbing something from the top shelf.

iLevel Tech

"By the time I elevated my seat, whether I was trying to reach something or join a conversation, it didn't seem worth it," said Kiel. "Now that I have iLevel, and it elevates at a faster speed while I'm driving, I don't miss out on much. It encourages me to be more independent because I don't have to worry about how long it will take."

What's Different about iLevel Tech?

iLevel Tech

iLevel is a cutting-edge technology from Quantum Rehab. Made for the recently introduced Q6 Edge® 2.0, iLevel was created to improve functional interaction to one's environment, social interaction and independence for those with disabilities. With this technology, a wheelchair user can operate his or her power chair from a seated level to "standing height."

Not only is this new feature life-changing for users because they can enjoy eye-level interactions, the technology is the fastest of its kind. Users can drive their Q6 Edge 2.0 Power Chair up to 3 mph while safely elevated at 10 inches. By using an integrated dual-stage suspension, the unit allows for increased stability in the elevated position at walking speed and permits climbing up to a 1.5" threshold.

For Kiel, iLevel is more than just a seat elevator. It is a symbol of independence, allowing him to safely navigate crowds, hang out with his friends at a bar, and carry conversations while at the same height as others. While a power chair gives 360 degrees of access on a two-dimensional plane, iLevel gives that extra dimension when it comes to living life.

"I feel more included," Kiel said. "It's not that people were not including me before, but I always felt that being at a lower level I missed out during some conversations. Since I've received iLevel, I have not felt that way. The change is really remarkable."

How Gaining Height Changes Everything

iLevel Tech

Aside from the psychological and social benefits of iLevel, there are health benefits as well. The different heights that users can obtain with iLevel assist in making commode transfers easier, safer and more self-sufficient. While the power chair user is in a crowd, he or she can become more visible and in turn be able to see better at a heightened elevation. This helps users see better while crossing the street, gives them easier access to fire and smoke alarms and allows them to reach door viewers. These safety measures give consumers the chance to be more freewheeling than ever before.

"This feature has drastically changed my life," Kiel said. "From transfers to face-to-face interactions, iLevel has really made an impact on my life."

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