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Gift a Voice for People with Communication Disabilities

Of course you want to get rid of your old cell phone, iPhones or iPod Touches. But since you can’t just toss them in the trash (EPA no-no) and since you have no idea how to recycle them, they collect dust in your junk drawer.

Well, no more! Bring you old wireless devices with you to Abilities Expo, drop them in the box at the Accessibility Help Desk and be a part of the Gift a Voice Project and their wonderful efforts to help kids with communication disabilities better connect with their worlds.

Spearheaded by The Turning Views Foundation, the Gift a Voice Project is happy to except the following donations:

  • Cell phones (Even that broken, clunky one from 1995 that you let your kids play with.)
  • iPhones
  • iPod Touches
  • iPads

The program has two layers. The Apple donations will go immediately to Camilla Downs, founder of The Turning Views Foundation, who will clear and re-set them, then load them with an AAC application (Proloquo2Go or similar) and make them available to children who desperately need them. “These mobile, compact and cool Apple devices can be used as speech generating devices for those that communicate with sign language or who aren’t able to articulate words,” commented Downs. “By installing an application like Proloquo2Go, one can communicate and express themselves using a modern hand held device.”

The cell phone donations are purchased by a seasoned cell phone recycling company that will either refurbish or recycle them appropriately according to EPA standards. The proceeds of that will go directly to purchasing iPod Touches or iPads and the specialized AAC apps for the Apple communications equipment.

Seven and a half million people in the United States have problems using their voice for one reason or another. This ranges from those with autism, apraxia of speech, Downs Syndrome, Genetic disorders, CP, MS and stroke. This is your chance to help give them one.



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